By Roger Chartier

How To Fill Out
The W9 Form On A Computer

On the pages that have a link to the version of form that you want to fill out on your computer, click the link to open the form. You will see it as a plain white form but... save the form in your computer. Then open it with Adobe Acrobat to cause it to show the highlited areas to type in.

Then, if the form, as do our W9 Form and many of the other forms, have a gray section where you would normally use a pen to fill it in, you can merely put the curser of your mouse in the beginning of the section to be filled out and begin typing the proper info there.

 The form is easy to fill out that way.

Try to fill it out now for fun.

Here you go... W9Form.

You see that the form has those grayed out sections - go ahead and type in them.
If you make a mistake you can delete it like you would normally.

Then you might see that the area is white and not gray as it was before!

If your grayed out section stays white after you have typed and deleted the line, you merely click your mouse in an empty spot nearby and like magic the area is re-grayed.

Do not send this form to the IRS

As you might already know, the form is for the person who is paying you or also they are known as the requester.

They are giving you money for your services, etc. You will get the form to that person.

Now the best thing to do is for you to save a copy of the file on your computer and your backup location.

But you have to get it to the payer so use the safest way that you can think of.

Here is a list of methods to try but at your own risk.

  1. Use the link at the top of the pdf reader to email the file to your payer at his own email address rather than at a general address that others could get into.

  2. Because of the sensitivity of the info in your W9 you might want to send it by encrypted email.

  3. You could use the safest method and that is to print it out and then hand deliver it to the person in their office or work location.

  4.  You could print and mail it using one of the safer but more expensive methods for the mail such as registered mail etc..

Why We Exist

We want you to be more informed.

A lot of folks panic when they are asked to fill out a W9 form.

My first episode with one left me with a feeling of confusion because I did not read the instructions to be sure of what I was doing.

I just had at it without reading anything and it was overwhelming - never again.
Take a little time to read the instructions and it is very simple to deal with.

Now when I fill one out I simply do it in about a minute.
It gets very simple to deal with these and if you do them often enough it is a breeze!